How to participate

If you are interested in participating, please write to us


Participants will be trained

  • about the idea of circular costume design and how biomaterials like Skitter fit into this system

  • during a 1-hour online workshop that introduces the Skitter system, the handling and application process and how to document your tests 

Participants will receive

  • the two-part Skitter system (two 1 liter bottles of the two-part system) 

  • a manual about how to apply the product to textiles or clothing


Participants are asked to

  • review and sign a non-disclosure form from Aalto University

  • experiment with using Skitter over three months

  • record your experiences and suggestions in online worksheets

  • complete two 30-minute surveys, one at the start and one at the end of the 3-month study. Surveys ask about your experiences with the product, using biomaterials in a costume workshop and sustainability in the costume department in general


We are requesting that participants cover the material at cost (50 Euro / 59 USD / 73.50 CAD including tax) plus shipping. This covers 1 liter of each of the two components, an introductory workshop and individual support.



During the study we offer support by email and by phone/video. All collected information will be anonymised and no personal data will be collected.